Your Healing Touch

As I sit quietly

My mind begins

To relax

I begin to let go

And think of You

Of course, You are waiting

And know I am ‘on my way’

But You do not hurry me

You do not force my pace

You let me go at my own speed

Which is often very slow

You are so patient

You wait with such Love

And You understand

You know that it is hard for us

We cannot see You

Nor touch You

Nor reach You

But You know

That You can reach us

Your Spirit will come to meet us

Where we are

Love us

As we are

And touch us

At our point of need


This day and every day



Open Up!


Time must be taken

Moments given

Hearts opened

Minds free

Like throwing open windows

On a sunny day

To let in the light

To bring fresh air

And revive what could

Otherwise be so stale

Open our windows

Not only to the outside world

But also to the world within

Throw them open

And breathe in the air

Feel the change of atmosphere

That this new breeze beings

Allow it to refresh you

Renew you

Revive you

And restore you

These winds of change are needed

And the Spirit will blow

And enter in

If we only give it space

In which to flow


This day and every day

The Quiet Place

Within us all is


A place of quietude

Deep within

Hiding in normal life

Softly being

Amongst our not knowing

And not seeing


But there it lies

To be discovered

And enjoyed


For this part of life

Is special

Offering us something new

Yet akin

To what we already know

It is familiar

Yet so often unknown


The Beauty that lies within

Is accessible to all

In each moment

But in order to touch this quiet place

We ourselves must be quiet too

And seek quietly

What will, through this,

Be revealed


This day and every day