Silence enfolds us

It wraps itself around us

And keeps us warm


Silence ignites a fire within

Lighting our way

And leading us on


Silence surrounds us

And upholds us

In each action of our day


Whether we are still or busy

The Silence is ever present

And enfolds us with Love


This day and every day



True North

There is a true north on the compass

Which we can trust

To lead us in the right direction


Help us to find our true north in You

That we may trust ever more clearly

In the direction of Your leading


This day and every day


Hide and Seek

Close your eyes and count to ten

I am going to hide, says God

But can I peek

I want to see where You are going

No, you must play properly

Ten, nine, eight, seven……

……..Ready or not, here I come

Well I can’t see You

I’m looking all around

And I can’t see You anywhere

I just don’t know where You can be

This is so frustrating

I’ve been looking so hard

And You are nowhere to be seen

Stop then, take time

And see if you can feel where I am

Let Me see if I can guide you

Try to be very quiet

And simply listen

There are no noises to be heard

But there is something to be felt

Can you feel Me

Can you sense Me near you?

This is a new way of looking

One that requires you to simply sit and wait

And then realise that it is I

Who will come and find you

And make Myself known

In the depths of your very own heart

This day and every day 



Dear Lord

Sometimes I feel like a tiny sparrow

Fallen out of its tree

And unable to move

I am fragile

My heart is fluttering

In my weakness

Then tender hands

Reach down

And scoop me up

Lift me

Into care

And I know that I am held

And that I am safe

But these hands do not hold tightly

They support underneath

But they are open at the top

So that when I am ready

I am free not only to move

But to fly

To spread my wings

And take flight

They let me go

These precious tender Hands

Hold me

But always too, they let me go


This day and every day,



Lord, how can I reach You

I can strive

I can strain

And do my utmost

To be near to You

To do Your Will

But I can exhaust myself in the process

And am I really listening to You

Or am I doing my own will?

You ask perhaps another way

A way that puts You in charge

Asks me to take a back seat

And listen

So hard for me to do

I need to let go

To approach You in another way

A way that sees my smallness

And Your Greatness

I come simply

Approach with caution

Tentative to even draw close

So I stop and wait

Afraid to move further forwards

And You reach out

Take my hand

And pull me to Yourself


This day and every day



Dear Lord

Sometimes it seems that I come to You

And feel enfolded

By Your Love

Then there are the times

When I feel nothing

Absolutely nothing

And I wonder why I sit here


When I could be getting on with other things

And yet I am not alone, am I

You are present

Whether or not I feel You near

Whether or not there seems to be a closeness

Whether or not there seems to be a glimmer


You are present

And I do well to remember that

I must trust

That You are giving me

Exactly what I need

Whether it seems to be good

Or whether it seems to be nothing

You are there

And so am I

And that, in the end, is all that matters


This day and every day