Such a difference

Dear Lord

Please help nothing to be so big

That I can’t see you

Help me when I’m looking

Not to give up

Or to doubt Your Presence

It’s so easy to lose sight

Feel overwhelmed

And forget to look

Help me Lord to persevere

Realising just how much I need You

And how much difference

Your Love will make to my life

But not only to my life

But to my day

Every day can be changed

By Your Presence

May I raise my heart

To You


Seeking Your Love

Above all else


This day and every day



Sitting Still

This simple act of sitting still

Can make such a difference

Change lives from the inside


Bring a sense of peace

Otherwise absent

Bring a sense of clarity

Into confusion

Bring a deeper sense

Of the meaning of our life

All this and more

Can come

From the simple act of

Sitting still

Letting our minds rest

Allowing our bodies to be still

Not to be caught up in busyness

For this busyness is a distraction

Something that takes us away

From this jewel

This treasure within

Which lies waiting


To be discovered

In silence


This day and every day




Sometimes it can be

Like walking through fog

No way seems clear

And I have to walk tentatively

Feeling my way

It’s not at all easy

There are times when finding You

Can be the hardest thing in the world

And I struggle

At times like these

What I need to remember

Is that You are Light

And You shine

Wherever You are

There is Light

So, I must look for the Light

I must look for Your light

And then I do well to remember again

That I must stop trying so hard

For You are not only Light

You are also my Shepherd

And when I am lost

You will come

You will search me out

And You will lift me up

You will hold me in Your Loving Arms

And I will feel You close

And I will know clearly

The nearness of Your Love

This day and every day,



Dear Lord

I seem to have come so far away

From You

With the constant busyness

And all there is to do

Help me not to lose sight

Help me always

To look for You

Above all else

For it is all very well

This busyness

This preoccupation

With getting things done

But I need to work in

Your Strength

And I need to look first

To You

And then to all that needs to be done

For this is indeed a better way

A way that will make a difference

For with You at the heart

With You in my mind

My focus will be quite different

I will look at things anew

And what seemed most important

Will take its rightful place


This day and every day


Be Still

Dear Lord

My mind is wandering


And racing

So many thoughts

So much to do

And yet…

I want to be with You

That is why I came to this quiet place

Yet my mind is not quiet

It is full

Filled with so many things

And will not rest

Yet You say

Come unto You

And rest

That is what I want to do

And I know somewhere

There is a door

A door that will close

From all that buzzes round

And a door that will open

To the Quiet Place of Your Heart

Where I may be still

Where I may be quiet

And where I may indeed

Find rest


This day and every day, Amen