It just seems the simplest thing

To sit and be with You

At other times

It is the hardest thing in the world

You seem so far away

So distant

And yet

This is up to me

You are always present

Your Love is always there

What is necessary is for me

To come

For me to want to be with You

For me even to think of You

Raise my heart to You

Speak with You

Listen for You

And then I will know

That, whatever the circumstances

Of that day

Whatever is happening

At that time

You are there

You are by my side

And You wait for me


This day and every day




Steep yourself in stillness

Quiet moments

Times of calm

Counteract the busyness

The activity

And breathe

Breathe deeply

Of the Spirit

Who would breathe

New Life into us

If we but come

If we but open ourselves

And await the inpouring

For the Spirit gives


And will fill us

To overflowing

If we make a space

Give time to breathe

And seek to welcome

This inpouring

We do not grasp it

It is given

It is a Gift

Always offered

To those who come


This day and every day


Close to You

I have always wanted to be close to You

Sought Your Presence

Wanted to be close

This has always been in my heart

Some days I feel a sense of nearness

And others I feel so far away

And I know this is me

For Your Love is faithful

Your Love is constant

It is me who is all over the place

Me who is distracted

Me who turns away

Forgive me Lord all my frailties

And weaknesses

Help me to be strong in seeking You

Resolute and determined

That I will be faithful to You

For I seek to serve You

And if I am a fair-weather friend

I cannot do this in the same way

Of course, You forgive all my turnings away

All the times I let You down

Your Love knows no bounds

But help me to try harder

To seek You more

And to be faithful to You


This day and every day



Silent whispers of Love

Permeate our hearts

Point us

To something more

Serve as intimations

Opening us

Helping us to see

As well as to hear

Turning our unbelief

Into faith

Our belief

Into understanding

For the kindness offered

Can reach us in a new way

A way that makes us know

However slight the sound

However small the glimpse

We have heard and we have seen

And these things cannot be taken away

They have touched us

Made us new

And we are changed

Nothing will ever be the same again

We see differently

And we seek always

This Love, so deep and true


This day and every day,


Seeking Stillness

So many thoughts


In my mind


Never ending

And yet I come to You

Seeking stillness

How can this be

My mind must slow down

Calm down

Let go

Cease the constant activity

For there, underneath it all

Waiting silently

Is Your Love

Your Constant Love

Forever there

In the stillness of my very own heart

So often unnoticed

So often ignored

Help me Lord not only to listen to You

But to cease my own mental chatter

Learn to be more attentive

And truly wait for You

In the stillness


This day and every day



When you find

A quiet place

Go there

Spend time

In silence

Resting in the present

The Gift that is

For Presence is all

And Love constant

Allow what is

To embrace you

And keep you warm

In amongst the trials

Of everyday life

Seek this constancy

Pursue this Love

And rest in its Beauty

When you are able

For this is your support

Your strength

This is your nurture

Which will help you

In and through all the difficult times

Of your life

And will walk with you

Without ceasing


This day and every day


Wondrous Love

Gracious Lord and Holy Spirit

Help me please I pray

To draw near to You

There are so many things

Which pull me away

Distract me

From Your Heart

And yet Your Beautiful Heart

Waits for me

With such Love

How could I not come?

How could I turn away?

And yet, I do


Very often I forget You

Become preoccupied

And forget this Beautiful Spirit


Longing to bring Love

To enter my heart

And become more a part of my life

May I always make space

Even when I am busy

Let there be a part of me

Forever open

To this Wondrous Love


This day and every day