The Breath of Life

Breathe in

Breathe deeply

Breathe in the Presence

Breathe in the Holy Spirit

Breathe it into your mind

And be stilled

Breathe it into your body

And feel Healing

Breathe it into your heart

And feel Love

Breathe it into your spirit

And be inspired

The Breath of God

Breathes constantly

Bringing Life into our lives

Resuscitating us

Renewing us

Reviving us

For it is very often as if we are starved

Of spiritual oxygen

Gasping for the Breath we need

To give us air

To fill us

And to intoxicate us

With love for the Spirit

And service to its Life


This day and every day



4 thoughts on “The Breath of Life

  1. Joy Lenton 23/01/2018 / 19:40

    Reblogged this on Poetry Joy and commented:
    I love these thoughts on Holy Spirit breath as expressed by Elizabeth. A prayer, contemplation and meditation in one.

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    • emmlisten 23/01/2018 / 21:23

      Dear Joy, Thank you so very much. I am most grateful to you for your very kind and encouraging words. They touch my heart. Thank you also for sharing as you have with such enthusiasm for what is being expressed. In friendship and with appreciation. Elizabeth

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  2. Bettie G 25/01/2018 / 18:35

    I am so glad that my dear friend, Joy Lenton, reblogged your words here! What a blessing to me, as the Lord continues to whisper “be still,” over me. Stillness was my #oneword last year, but even as I go forward into this new year with a word of sufficient, I know that He calls me to be still in the learning of the new lessons. It’s His breath in my lungs!

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    • emmlisten 25/01/2018 / 21:24

      Dear Bettie, Thank you so much for your lovely response. I very much understand the call to stillness you describe and the continuing whisper to “be still”. In every way, I wish you well as you respond to this very real call. How fitting the words of Psalm 46, “Be Still and Know that I am God.” Elizabeth


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