The Silence

The Silence….

Calls you, welcomes you, loves you

The Silence….

Is your Lover, is your Friend

The Silence…..

Will heal you, help you and come to your aid

The Silence…..

Is your Constant Companion

….If you come, if you wait, if you ask.



Love Him

Keep your heart


Keep your mind


Keep your thoughts


Keep your whole self

Directed towards His Spirit

For His Spirit

Will fill your heart

His Spirit will touch your mind

And His Spirit will guide your thoughts

But this will only happen

If we ask

If we seek

If we want Him

He will never force His Way

Push His desires onto us

His only desire

Is that we will want Him

We will choose Him

And we will desire to love Him

With our whole hearts


This day and every day


Your Silence

Your Silence is profound

And yet It speaks

Any silence in me is sketchy


And hampered

By the noise of life

Help me to enter Your Silence

For It is deep

And beautifully welcoming

As I dive in

It will hold me

Embrace me

Support me

Sustain me

And any small silence in me

May be immersed in You

And in the Infinite Silence

Of Your Love


This day and every day


Draw Near

As I light my candle

I want to come

And be with you

My heart is in the right place

But my mind is all over the place

Thinking of what needs to be done

In the day ahead

But when I light my candle

Help me to be present


Not thinking of what I need to do

Or what the day will bring

Help me to think of You

And being with You

Just for this time

Just in these moments

You and I

This most precious of relationships

Surely this deserves my undivided attention

Surely I need to give this my all

For if I do not

I will not draw near

And without drawing near

I will not be closer to You

Which is always

The most important part of my day


This day and every day



I believe in

The Power of Silence

The Joy of Silence

The Pleasure of Silence


I believe in

The Constancy of Silence

The Depth in Silence

And the Wonder of Silence


I believe in

The Peace of Silence

The Companionship in Silence

And the Love in Silence


I believe

That Silence is ever with us

Offering itself

Giving always


That we may learn

That we may grow

And that we may come to know


More than

We ever thought possible


This day and every day


Walk with me

There’s such a fine line

Between being Mary

And being Martha

So many feelings of being called

To sit at Your Feet

And Listen

Surely this must be my priority

But so many reasons also

To be busy

To get things done

And fulfil my daily roles

Sometimes this seems like

Such a pull in opposite directions

Even opposing directions

But help me to know

That this is not really so

You have told us which is the better part

And I trust this

But I also have faith

That when this is not possible

You are still with me

And as I go about my daily life

And try to get things done

Help me to trust then

That though I am not sat at Your Feet

I am walking with You nonetheless.


This day and every day


Let Go

I sit

And I wait

Hoping You will come

Wanting You to be near

Asking for Your Presence

In my life

As well as in this time of


I seek You often

Call Your Name

And dedicate myself to You

So much effort on my part

So many desires within me

Sometimes almost straining

For Your Love

When will I learn

To let go

To realise that the momentum

Comes from You

That You initiate it all

You invite me

You call me

You speak with me

You touch me

I am on the receiving end

Of all that You would bring


This day and every day


Guiding Light

This morning I opened my curtains

And saw the light shining

It cast a beautiful hue

Making a difference to the normal view

Somehow highlighting it

And bringing it alive

In a new way

I saw how light

Has the power to change things

Literally to cast a new light

And bring a new vision

If we open ourselves

We may see a New Light

Shining into our lives

Casting a beautiful hue

Into our days

A Light that shines gently

But makes such a difference

For it brings with it


It brings with it


And it brings to our hearts

A new way of being

As we seek to live in openness

To the Beauty of this Guiding Light


This day and every day