The Silence

The Silence….

Calls you, welcomes you, loves you

The Silence….

Is your Lover, is your Friend

The Silence…..

Will heal you, help you and come to your aid

The Silence…..

Is your Constant Companion

….If you come, if you wait, if you ask.



This Love so precious

As you enter the Silence

Let everything else fall gently away

Lay it gently down

Not dismissing or forgetting it

But knowing that for now

It is not your focus

This is a time for you to receive

For in stillness

We are met in Love

The Holy Spirit

The Love of the Divine

Waits so quietly

Deep within

And it is in times of quiet

That this shy Wonder

May reach out

And draw near to us

This Love so precious

Is quiet

It may be perceived in stillness

But not always

Instead there may be a feeling

A sense of Peace

For this is its Gift

Which can be given to us

At any time


This day and everyday


One step at a time

Infinite Spirit

Calls us each day

To live

In its Presence

To recognise

We are a part

To see that we belong

And to know

That we are held

Infinite Spirit

Is part of us

And yet beyond

Calling us

Beckoning us

And welcoming us

Helping us to see

Enabling us to listen

And asking us to attend

Seek first the Kingdom of God

And everything else

Will be revealed to you

This may only happen

One step at a time

But this is revelation

This is unfolding

And this is natural


This day and every day



Dear Lord, there are times

When I come to be with You

That my thoughts wander everywhere

My mind so full, it is hard

For me to focus on You

And to seek Your Presence

Then I see this time in a new light

For this is like an unravelling

An unwinding

All the knots and tensions

Need to be loosened

And this can take time

Being here with You

Is enabling this to happen

It is as if You are at the other end

Holding the ball of wool

And gradually,

Slowly, the tension is releasing

The thoughts unwinding

My mind is unravelling

There, as I become more rested

And my mind more stilled

I find Your Love is present

It has been all along

You are not only holding

All that has unwound and unravelled

You are, quite simply, holding me


This day and every day,


Turn Often

Tiptoe gently

Into the Silence

That waits for You

The Silence

That calls you

And the Silence

That loves you

It will not force its way

For this is Love

And Love is gentle

And kind

And understanding

Love sees your needs

And waits to welcome you

To embrace you

And to hold you

For to be held by Love

And to be held in Love

Is beyond anything else

We could wish for

Turn often to this Love

That You may feel

Its ever-abiding Presence

Here, now

And waiting

In the Silence


This day and every day


Into Silence

I have to let Silence settle

And I have to settle into Silence

The two go hand in hand

They take time

Cannot be rushed

Need to be taken slowly

And not hurried

For prayer is to be savoured

Each moment precious

Every moment a part

But not all

Of the whole

For prayer is never ending

Always present

There may be times set aside

For us to absorb slowly

And let the flavour permeate

As our hearts and minds

Are raised gently in prayer

Offering up to the Silence

Which waits always

For our presence

That we may learn

To savour the moment

And be quietly settled

Into the Silence of Love


This day and every day



Dear Lord, I ask for Your Blessing

On this day

Whatever it brings

Whoever I meet

Whatever I do

May whatever happens

Be done in Your Name

Whoever I meet

Feel the Blessing of Your Love

For who am I

And who do I seek to be

But a channel of Your Love

Nothing else really matters

Except to show compassion

To care for others

And to love one another

This is why You give us life

And this is what You ask of us

For this is Your Way

The Way of Love

Whatever else we believe

This is at its heart

This is at the very heart

Of all that it means

To follow You

And to be guided by You


This day and every day


A Quiet Way

It matters not

What I am doing

If I am with You

You are with me

If my heart is turned to You

You are present

If my thoughts are full of You

You are there

For this is what I have to learn

Prayer is not something hard

To be worked at

And struggled with

Prayer is something to be lived

In one’s heart

In the simplest of ways

So that whatever I am doing

I think of You

Aware that Your Presence

Goes with me

You do not ask me to strive

And strain

You ask me to live gently

And give everything to You

Speak to You as I go

Ask You for Your Help

And to know that You are always with me


This day and every day