The Silence

The Silence….

Calls you, welcomes you, loves you

The Silence….

Is your Lover, is your Friend

The Silence…..

Will heal you, help you and come to your aid

The Silence…..

Is your Constant Companion

….If you come, if you wait, if you ask.




How could I not want You

How could anyone not want You

For You are Love

Infinite, beautiful Love

Always available to us

Always at our feet

For You came to serve

And still You offer to us

Every day

But we do not see

We are preoccupied

And miss the beauty that is on offer

Unconditional too

And never ending

How could we walk away

And yet we so often do

Help us Lord to see

You are not gone and forgotten

But that You are alive and with us

Waiting still to give Your Love

People could not see then

We so easily miss You now

It is not Your physical presence

That makes the difference

It is our readiness to see

And to follow You


This day and every day,


One Star

One star

Shining in the darkness


Calling us

Leading us onwards

Showing us a new way

Illuminating new possibilities

For we can carry on in the darkness

Or we can choose a new path

A clear path

A straight path

It may not be an easy path

It may lead to unexpected places

But this path is lined with gold

In the sense that it is a treasure

It is a gift

And given to us

That we may learn and grow

And dwell closer in our hearts

To the Kingdom of Love

From whence all good things come

And toward which all good things lead


This day and every day


Take Time

If you take small sips

Of a good wine

You will savour the flavour

Feel the quality

In your mouth

Absorb the taste

And the uniqueness

The alternative

Is to race through it

You will feel its effects no doubt

But the goodness of it

Will be entirely missed.

So in the life of the spirit

We are asked to slow down

To savour the moment

To take time to absorb

And let the message infuse in our hearts

We are each given time

And though our lives may be busy

It is worth stepping back

And finding a space

A space not only

For Encounter

But a space for Friendship

For Warmth

And for Companionship


This day and every day



He was our child

Little soul

Born to greatness

No-one knows

Such simplicity

Such rejection

So soon

And yet also

Such love

Such a welcome

So much kindness

All we needed

And then guests

Visitors who called

Following a star

Seeking a King

What are these signs?

Where do they lead?

This is just our child

Needing love, care and kindness

He needed it then

And He seeks it now

Telling us that when we love

And welcome others

We are loving and welcoming Him


This day and every day


In amongst us

You are present

In amongst all the things on my mind

And all that is around us this time of year

You are present


You are present

In amongst all the sadness

And the loneliness

You are present


You are present

In amongst the divisions

And the hatred

You are present


You are present

In amongst all that troubles us

And all that touches our hearts

You are present


You never leave us

You wait for us to see You

To recognise You

To turn to You

In amongst us


This day and every day



Walk by My Side

Each day

Taking My Hand

When you need it

Speaking with Me

As we go

Listening to Me

When we walk

I can be Your Constant Companion

With you every step of the way

Never leaving your side

Being faithful throughout

Always though it is your choice

Whether or not you come

Whether or not you walk with Me

Whether or not you take what is on offer

This is for all the world to choose

Each and every person free to decide

Whether to walk the path

With Love

Or whether to walk away

Looking elsewhere

Yet this help is always on offer

So many distractions would lead you astray

But so much Love would draw you near


This day and every day