The Silence

The Silence….

Calls you, welcomes you, loves you

The Silence….

Is your Lover, is your Friend

The Silence…..

Will heal you, help you and come to your aid

The Silence…..

Is your Constant Companion

….If you come, if you wait, if you ask.



Your Way

Your Ways are not my ways

That is clear to me My Lord

And yet I want to know more of Your Ways

And I come to You to learn

Teach me that I may grow

Not in fame or glory

Or power

But in humility, in simplicity

And in Peace

For what the world values

Is not what You hold dear

And not what You came to show us

If only we would listen more

See the real wisdom of Your Way

And the Beauty that is on offer

Truly Your Kingdom is not of this world

But this world needs Your Kingdom

And the Values You espouse

You offer so freely to us

This pearl beyond price is not measured

Nor metered out

Rather there is an Abundance

And we are always invited

To come to You to receive

To spend time with You

That we may learn and grow in Your Way


This day and every day





When we pray

It is like we are opening a door

A door into another realm

A different world

And yet this world intermingles with our own

It is not apart

It is a part

Central in fact, if only we knew

When we enter this other room

We see it is familiar

Something we know

A place where we feel comfortable

And at home

For this realm is a kingdom

Not seen

Yet full of Love

Full of Peace

And full of the Spirit

This Spirit is always available

And offers always of itself

It is simply there


Unfettered by the world

Yet always available to it

And always present to each of us

If we open the door


This day and every day





There is a Light

The most beautiful Light

Shining in the darkness

Shining in our midst

Shining into our lives

This Light forever shining

In amongst sadness


In amongst tears


In amongst anxiety


In amongst the darkness


May I always seek Your Light

And focus on Your Light

Help me to know that Your Light

Can shine in and through

All the circumstances

Of my life


This day and every day



When we seek to be still

We are on a journey of discovery

We seek a part of ourselves



Given by God

For our well being

For our nurture

For our strength

For our learning

For our peace of mind

This simple spark

Alive within us all

May be nurtured

Through stillness

And may grow

Through the attention

Of prayer

And inward reflection

Focussing on God

And on the things of the Spirit

This inner life

This joy of joys

May be alive within us

And live with us

As we go about our daily lives


This day and every day



Sweet and beautiful silence

Forever calling us

And inviting us

To come

And be still

To take time out to be

To stop our doing

And our busyness

And breathe

Breathe in the Spirit

Breathe in the Love

Breathe in the Peace

Breathe in the Joy

Breathe in the moment

And breathe in the Beauty

Of each moment

Rather than rushing through

So fast that we miss

What is on offer

And spend our lives

In overdrive

Rather than sometimes

Just going more slowly

And taking in the view

And seeing the abundance

That is all around


This day and every day




Some things may be hidden

Not easy to find

Sometimes we have to search

But think, if we have treasure

Do we leave it out on show

For all to see

And grab hold of

Or do we seek to keep it safe

Treasure it

Value it for its true worth

So with the things of the Spirit

This is Treasure

Beyond all others

Not ‘up for grabs’

But always on offer

It is to be handled sensitively

And with care

Treated according to its true value

Which is beyond price

This is treasure of the soul

And it comes in the simplest of things

And in the smallest of actions

But at its heart is Love

The Love that is always available

And constantly on offer


This day and every day


My Choice

Whatever I do

I can choose

I can choose to do it

In my own strength

Or I can choose

To turn to You

Its quite an amazing thing

The difference You can make

There is sometimes just a feeling

That I am not alone

I can sense Your Nearness

When Your Hand is guiding me

When Your Spirit is leading me

And, I should always wait to act

When anything really matters

Until we are acting together

Until that sense is there

Until I know Your Guidance

For this will make all the difference

You can help me to be kind

When I would otherwise be impatient

You can help me to listen well

When I may otherwise be in a rush

You always seem to bring a new perspective

If only I would stop

And listen


This day and every day